Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Qualifies As A "Self-publishing Comic Book Creator?

You do, if you write and draw a comic book of your own creation and plan to publish and sell that comic independently of any other publishing company. If you belong to an artist/writer team, submit together.

What Qualifies As A "Comic Book?"

Any publication featuring art in a deliberate narrative sequence may be considered comics. The format is up to you.

What Kind Of Work Are You Looking For?

Among the qualities that we will be looking for are: originality, literary and artistic merit, and a sense of commitment to the work. The content is open-ended.

I Have Little Or No Work Experience, Will My Slight Resume Disqualify Me?

No. We will take your experience into account, but the quality of the work is by far the most important part of your application.

What Can The Grant Be Used For?

Xeric grants can be used for the physical production and distribution of your new or previously unpublished work: printing, color separation, photocopying, solicitation, shipping, advertising, and securing an ISBN number or domain name. Xeric grant funds cannot be used for website design, T-shirts, stickers, posters, postcards, art supplies, phone bills, convention costs, living expenses, or computer equipment.

Does The Artwork For My Project Have To Be Complete?

Submitted projects should be complete or near completion. We cannot review scripts without art or vice versa. Please send 6 copies of the entire project to date. Submit only one project per review.

How Important Is My Financial Statement?

Grants are not awarded on the basis of need alone, but financial information is required for each applicant's profile. All applicant information is held strictly confidential.

How Much May I Request?

Grants generally don't exceed $5,000. If you are requesting an excess of this amount, please indicate whether you can use a smaller amount of funds. There are no strings attached regarding copyrights, trademarks, etc.

What about online publishing?

Online publishing of the same work before during and after a grant is ok, but will not be funded by Xeric.